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We are a successful and proven leader in Southern California’s fire protection industry with over 30 years of experience.  

Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge, experience, and versatility in designing, planning, managing and completing each job with the highest level of quality.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in fire protection through integrity, service and knowledge.  We are committed to continually improve the quality of services we provide to our clients.  For these reasons our clients are  consistently satisfied with our works and receive value which exceeds their expectations.


INTEGRITY: Recognized for our success in maintaining open and critical communications with both our customers and vendors, Burbank Fire Protection, Inc. has a reputation for instilling trust and integrity in contract relationships

KNOWLEDGE: With a resolute commitment to quality, BFP maintains a highly trained and professional work force.  Ongoing training programs keep our technicians up to date on industry and code changes as well as the most current technological advances

EXCELLENCE: With our extensive industry experience, detailed and solid business planning, unparalleled vision, and outstanding leadership and management, BFP continues to be a leader when it comes to delivering quality and excellence to our customers

PEOPLE: Our team members are our most valuable asset. It is our commitment to provide them with the same level of service and excellence that we offer to each of our customers

SERVICE: Through detailed cost control, commitment to high quality production, and precise time and resource control, the team at Burbank Fire Protection delivers real value to our customer on time, every time

EQUALITY: Burbank Fire Protection, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer