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Client Testimonials

We hired Burbank Fire Protection Inc. in 2012 to install a fire sprinkler system at our building where we have our catering business.   They were completely professional and were extremely proficient in their work.  They were always on time and left their work area clean at the end of each work day. Initially, they provided us a fair estimate and once agreed to the work, they completed the job within the specified time-frame and within the original estimate.   We are very happy and satisfied with their work and would not hesitate to hire them in the future or recommend them to anyone else with a similar need.

K&G Studio Caterers, Pacoima, CA


I hired “Burbank Fire Protection” company to do the fire sprinklers for the new house I was building in Glendale (a nasty city for construction projects) and I’m glad I was right in my decision. They did everything for their part, from permits to final inspection, and the whole process went very smooth. I chose them over the other companies for several reasons – their reputation, their quality of work (I checked some of their other jobs), their customer service, and their timeliness, which is very rare with most contractors. I’ll be honest, you may find better price offers in town, but the question is – will you get the same quality and service these guys provide. After all, we are talking about the protection of your home and investment. And don’t let the small size of the company fool you, they get the job done the way it should be and on time. With them it’s all about proficiency and efficiency. So I highly recommend them for your next fire sprinkler job, whether it’s a new construction or addition/remodeling

Fred G.
Glendale resident and property owner


I have known Arthur Bagmanian for many years as a responsible fire protection professional and also as my head foreman during the years he was employed in our firm. His work ethics and diligence in performing his responsibilities were exemplary, and always a consummate leader.   I have no doubt he will carry on his characteristic into his venture as a contractor, and we wish him much success.

Viggen Garibian